The Sound Track of Navel Gazing

Last weekend, I attended WordCamp Orlando. I’ve been circling somewhat aimlessly on several website projects, including this blog. I came away from the conference reinvigorated, and with a new sense of direction. I signed into this blog in order to experiment with some new tools and techniques and found this fully written draft, written almost exactly a year ago. I’d forgotten all about it, but I like this little essay so decided to go ahead and hit publish.

I wrote in Early Lessons, Part 7: Accounting for Your Time (one result of the navel gazing was that I never published that post either) that I struggled to write the post because I was doing a bit of navel gazing as I reviewed the background material on which that post is based. ¬†Ever since we moved to Florida, my mind always dredges up the same song when I’m engaged in this type of navel gazing:¬†The Innocent Years by Kathy Mattea.

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