As King of the House, I decree that I shall always be the first item listed on Greeneland.com.


Welcome to the Greenes’ home on the web!  We hope you enjoy visiting with us.


Daily Bread

In my post  last week, I told several stories about the Greenes and food.  All those stories were extraordinary food experiences.  Like in every household the day-to-day and the celebratory aren’t quite the same thing.  We are a household of two and the two of us have such different food requirements that we rarely eat …

Chez Verde

Once upon a time, Chris and Karen met because of food.  My aunt was preaching at a church on the other side of town.  After the service, the church had a potluck and she sat at the same table as Chris, who was visiting the church for the first time.  After dinner she told Chris …

Upcoming Events

We’re interested in these events.  Maybe you are too!

August 2018

August 3, NASA announces commercial crew astronaut picks, 11:00am EDT

August 4, United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV Heavy Launch,  Launch Window opens 4:17 am EDT

August 7, SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch, Cape Canaveral, FL,  Launch Window opens 1:19 am EDT

August 9, Last day of summer black out dates for Walt Disney World Weekday Select Passholders (that’s us!)

August 30, First day of EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

September 2018

September 5, Opening Night of In the Heights, Orlando Shakespeare Theater

September 21 – 23, Florida Fiber In, Orlando, FL

October 2018

October 10, Opening Night of The Mystery of Irma Vep – A Penny Dreadful, Orlando Shakespeare Theater

October 26-28, Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival, Asheville, NC

November 2018

November 10-11, Orlando Maker Faire, Central Florida Fairgrounds

November 12, Last day of EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

November 28, Opening Night of A Christmas Carol, Orlando Shakespeare Theater

January 2019

January 2, Opening Night of A Doll’s House Part 2, Orlando Shakespeare Theater

January 5, Orlando Distaff Day, Orlando, FL

February 2019

February 6, Opening Night of Hamlet, Orlando Shakespeare Theater

February 20, Opening Night of Gertrude and Claudius, Orlando Shakespeare Theater

March 2019

March 14-17, Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Conference, Leesburg, FL

March 27, Opening Night of Richard II, Orlando Shakespeare Theater


We’re a married couple living in Central Florida.  We both like creating things and we work in a variety of media.  We haven’t created any mini humans, but we do have an adopted fur child.  This website is a chronicle of the things we create and the things we love.


Chris started writing computer programs when he was in middle school and has not stopped since then.  He is a space geek and hopes he lives to see a person step onto the surface of Mars.  Several years ago, he started building hydroponics systems in which the Greenes grow lettuce and culinary herbs.  He also enjoys woodworking and dreams of one day living in a house full of furniture he built.


On Greeneland.com, Karen writes about travel (including Orlando-area adventures), homemaking, cooking, and reading.  You might find her sneaking into Chris’s woodworking or space topics, if she’s putting the finish on something Chris built or going to a launch with him.

Karen also blogs at www.yarnycurtain.com.  Over there, she writes about all things fiber arts: knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, dyeing, and anything else she tries.  If you click on Fiber Arts in the menu here on Greeneland.com, you’ll be redirected to Through the Yarny Curtain to see her posts there.


Tiger is the real king of the household.  He likes to cuddle, eat anything Chris is eating, and share all his thoughts on the way the day should go.